Foreign Language Authoring Systems and Software Tools

A foreign language authoring system allows for many different formats of foreign language education and training. Such a system is often called an electronic education or learning program. Such programs can be used for formal classroom instruction, or for private study by a student or teacher in the comfort of their own home. Such programs can even be used on the computer to teach students and/or teachers how to communicate with other people who use those same languages as their own.

One type of e-mail authoring system used commonly in language instruction courses is the mangajin MP3 format. The mangajin file is similar to other MP3 files in that it has been designed in a way to retain its audio quality while making it user friendly to those who do not have much experience in editing or producing audio files. However, in addition to its ability to work well with other users of the same program, it also is well suited for teachers who want to create educational videos using a computer. The video and audio quality produced by this format have proven so good that it has been used in some of the most prestigious schools in the world. In fact, the US Department of State’s Information Services Division even uses this particular format for the majority of its foreign language instruction materials.

Another computer application used extensively within the foreign language learning field is the Microsoft Works or Office environment. This particular word processing application is the industry standard for teaching and conducting formal foreign language education courses. It is commonly used as an educational system as well as a word processing application for preparing and circulating educational materials such as manuals and essays. Although Works is often considered a more general word processing program, it can also be used effectively as a foreign language authoring system, particularly because of its accessibility and ease of use to a wide variety of computer users.

A newer authoring system on the market that is gaining popularity rapidly among language professionals is the OpenOffice suite of programs. Developed in Germany, Open Office is a free suite of office applications that includes an editor, various text processors, and a web browser. This product has become extremely popular to language professionals throughout the world because of its powerful features and user friendly interface. While it does not include any specialized tools, it does offer several different add-ons that can be purchased separately to enhance the functionality of the product.

The Japanese Language Software or Yen-san is another authoring system that is becoming extremely popular among those interested in teaching Japanese. This software will allow authors and translators to create new projects and preserve materials from previous projects through the use of a virtual copy. This type of authoring system makes it easy to transfer the same material between computers, ensuring that the same learning material is available to students everywhere.

Hatasa Software Corporation developed a technology that is known as vertical printing software. This software is designed for both desktop and notebook computer users and allows them to quickly send and print PDF files from their computers using either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In addition to this capability, the company also developed a speech recognition feature that will allow the user to simply speak the text in their computer’s browser and the software will automatically reprint the same words using that voice instead of the more traditional text based process.

The last authoring tool that we are going to review is the Taiwan HiPath System. This advanced computer program enables language instruction enthusiasts and teachers to create DVD disks that include interactive learning games for children and adults. Users can also send files directly from their computer to a Taiwan laserdisc player. This software also offers students a digital dictionary so that they can look up any words or terms that they may have encountered during their daily studies of the language.

The next time you are looking for an authoring and creating environment for your foreign language projects, I highly recommend that you take a look at these two latest products from Taiwan HiPath and Authoring Systems, which are compatible with the latest laserdisc players and computers. These two programs will enable you to create high quality educational DVDs with little or no experience from a writer’s perspective. Both programs are very easy to use and can be purchased online. Be sure to check out the two products and find one that best suits your needs.