About KenCD Software

KenCD Software (KCD) is an educational software publisher and dealer selling to schools and individual students on campuses and at home.

Long range plans include development and acquisition of new products which fully utilize the latest pedagogy and methods in education using the latest multimedia technology. Primary emphasis will be on using the internet as a collaborative and research tool.

First Year Algebra (FYA) has been converted to a self-study product on CD-ROM. Students may send e-mail to ask algebra and technical questions. They can also visit the www.KenCDSoftware.com home page to obtain software updates, answers to frequently asked questions, and read software descriptions and reviews.

History and heritage of KenCD Software

CONDUIT, probably the first full-service educational software publisher, based at The University of Iowa, stopped publishing in June, 1995. As a former employee of CONDUIT, I was sure that there was still a market for some of its software and services and similar products for education, so I started KCD in early 1995. I am continuing the tradition established by CONDUIT to provide high-quality software and service to the education community and now extending it to indivual students.  

Publishing rights were obtained to the most popular mathematics software packages and several other CONDUIT packages. Specifically, the titles being published by KCD are: Algebra Drill & Practice, First Year Algebra, Discovery Learning in Trigonometry, Baffles II, and Tribbles Revisited, and Dasher: A Foreign Language Authoring System.